Needle Fabrication

Colonial needles fall into three categories determined by the age of the instrument. Styles overlap somewhat within these groups. When executing needle fabrication, it is important to retain the characteristics of the needle fabrication to correspond closely to the instrument for which the needle is being made.

In most instances, a maker’s needle style and dimensions have been documented and the replacement needle will be fabricated accordingly. Various makers utilized patterns which remained consistent throughout their career.

Most of the early needle hubs were solid brass with the appropriate wing protrusions from the hub. The later (1770-1800) hubs by the more significant makers had steel pivots inserted into the brass needle hub which gave much longer life to the needle hub.

Note: The instrument must be supplied to Colonial Instruments to properly fabricate and fit the needle, fine-tune the clearance, pivot, and to properly align the ends of the needle to the compass’s needle ring.

Average cost range for a needle assembly: $700-$1250

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