Clock Dial Restoration

We’re sad to report that Jeffrey Lock passed away in 2019. As a result we can no longer offer restoration and repair services. His family continues to maintain this website to offer instruments for sales and to honor the memory of his work.

We have developed a clock dial restoration procedure to return the polished brass pieces back to their original appearance with a varying degree of patination representing how the originally silvered pieces would have aged properly over time.


Photo on the left shows the dial where a previous attempt was made to clean and re-silver the original dial. Photo on the right shows the careful removal of the later re-silvering, exposing the underlying original condition underneath.


Before and After photographs of a brass clock dial in which the silvering was polished off.


Photograph showing polishing residue that was trapped under the chapter ring which began to corrode into the brass dial plate.


The photograph on the left shows an attempt to re-silver over an original silvered surface. The “After” photo on the right shows our treatment of the dial.