After being involved in the restoration business for over forty years, we at Colonial Instruments believe in complete disclosure in representing the instruments accurately and acknowledging any restoration. In contrast to the practices of some auction houses and dealers who arrange the photograph of the instrument in an attempt to obscure any shortcomings and avoid mentioning any repairs or restoration, we feel this is a character as well as a business flaw.  We refuse to take part in these tactics and will go out of our way to accurately represent the instruments we offer for sale to the best of our knowledge. The true test of a person's integrity is when full disclosure of the truth costs him financially.

We have found that properly replicated pieces, signed and dated, built from accurate historical data, do not have an appreciable impact on the final selling price of an instrument.

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David Main, Jr.
Shuttleworth, London
Houghton Copy
Houghton Copy

Plane Table Compass

George Adams
Chandlee & Jones Compass
Goldsmith Chandlee
Large Vernier Compass
Patent Surveyor's Quadrant
John Dupee Wooden Surveyor's Compass
Mid-18th Century Wood and Brass
Gurley Surveyor's Comapss
Brass Semi-Circumferentor
Rittenhouse and Potts
Rittenhouse & Potts
Surveyors Compass, 1796
Frederick Heisley
Frederick Heisely
Early Compass
Ramsden-Style 4-Vane Theodolite
J. Farr Compass

Circa 1830
B. Pike Jr Compass,

Circa 1845
Plane Table Compass
Richard Patten
Surveyor's Compass
Bate Wye Level
E. Kutz (Senior)
Circa 1825

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