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Antique Surveying Instruments

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Restoration Services

Compass Restoration

We properly restore the functionality, as well as the original beauty, of early surveying instruments. It is our intention to honor the colonial craftsman by adhering to their standards.

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Microscope Restoration

We offer repair and replication of missing pieces on 18th and early 19th century microscopes. We have access to a thorough database of original microscopes and ancillary items as models for replicas.

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Clock Dial

The vast majority of 18th century brass face, tall case clocks have had the silvered dials polished off. We successfully replicate the original silvering process using 18th century materials.

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Mason Essex Bridge Compass

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Wooden Semi-Circumferentor


Houghton Copy Theodolate

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Ramsden-Style 4-Vane Theodolite

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John Bird Transit Telescope Cradle and Tripod Fabrication

Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon arrived in Philadelphia on November 15, 1763. Over the next five years they established locations and boundaries to seconds-of-arc accuracy, a remarkable feat in the Old World and unprecedented in the New. They brought with them two major instruments, both crafted by London’s John Bird, the foremost instrument maker of […]

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Jeffery Lock of Colonial Instruments detail the fabrication of the telescope cradle and tripod John-Bird-Transit-Telescope